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This site was built as the display case for my projects as my web developer training at Centriq got underway. To start off with, this site is made from scratch, as I really wanted it to reflect my abilities in design as well as development. As I have learned more and my projects developed this became my student and professional portfolio showcasing my abilities as I combine them with the skills I have learned. I encourage you to check out my all my pages, but especially my Portfolio.

Who is this "Josh" Person?

Profile PicThe Josh of decided in 2012 to switch gears from my previous area of study, ministry, to doing what I now truly feel is my dream and gift, programming and web development. The only job I had since college was as a personal banker/teller, and that was really only to get me by till I became a full fledged minister. After some years of struggling with that, I came to the conclusion that I was misguided in that calling, and having no desire to continue as a bank teller, began looking into a field that I had long been fascinated with and thought I would get into had I not worked toward being a man of the cloth. That field was technology, and I decided that now was the time to take action. I was usually the “go-to” guy for little computer issues at work and at home, which is not to say that I knew a lot but rather that I could figure it out. Through some inquiring of other people in the broad field of IT, I found out about Centriq training. Scoring very well on the pre-assessment, and talking to some friends in the IT world, I decided to try my hand at web development in the .NET framework. So far I am loving it, not regretting the decision to do this for a second, and feel that I am doing very well. Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you will come back to see my projects and new content in the future!

How & Why of This Design

When I started building my site, it was decidedly going to start simple. I looked at several templates, and none of them was exactly what I wanted. My art background gave me a bad itch to do something of my own, so after my week of XHTML and CSS3 classes I just dove in, one thing at a time, adding what needed to be displayed starting with the Résumé page. The best way to learn is to do for me, and I actually discovered a lot through searching for the answers to my design quandries. All the fonts, color scheme, and layout were carefully chosen and assembled by myself, as well as later completely transferring all my pages from static HTML to .ASPX with a master page.

Since I started from nothing, the site started out very simple, with the banner and Résumé page in a series of lists and headers. It was function before form, but once I found my background image the rest just took shape. The theme is supposed to make it almost feel as though you are looking at my website on a window from space, with nothing else having a background color of its own. This only works because the background of the dark side of the Earth is so subtle as to permit easy reading on top of it, as well as compliments my favorite colors.

My projects will likely be placed on templates, to show that I can read the code of others and successfully modify it as well as create my own pages. Look for updates on my Projects and Blog pages as I continue my classes and begin to build real web applications and put C# into action on my pages.

To the right, as well as on other pages, I have incorporated a Facebook 'Like' button, a LinkedIn 'Share' button, my Twitter feed, and even a Flash game on my Links page, to show how those can be used on any website, so if you like my work, then 'Like' it already.